13 Sign Language programs that
Celebrate Dogs - Man's Best Friend

     This entertaining and informative thirteen part series celebrated man's best friend in yet another capacity, as the dog who works for a living in a partnership with man.
     Programs are devoted to guard dogs, military dogs, emergency rescue dogs and many other types and breeds. All are a positive and necessary part of the world in which we live. Deaf actress Bobbie Beth Scoggins serves as host.
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Here is a list of the 13 programs included in "PARTNERSHIP WITH MAN"

Hunting Dogs: Hunting dogs have a long history in America, from the earliest Indian inhabitants up to the present day. Learn about their talents, training and use.

Retrievers: Golden Retrievers and others, with a special look at the Labrador Retriever.

Police Dogs: The "K-9" or Police Dog is profiled.

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Livestock Dogs: the irrepressible and delightfully hard working dogs whose jobs are to assist with the roundup and movement of cattle and sheep.

Service Dogs: special dogs who are trained to help the disabled.

Guard Dogs: types, roles and functions of dogs whose job it is to protect life, limb and property.

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Guide Dogs: informative program about the training, use and function of Dogs for the deaf and the visually disabled.

Performing Dogs: entertaining and educational look at training, grooming and acting abilities of dogs in showbiz.

Racing Dogs: the fascinating world of beauty and speed.

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Pack Dogs: a world of hard work and effort for dogs.

Military Dogs: they guard our country by serving with the Armed Forces.

Rescue Dogs: the ones who save lives.

Partnership With Man: Heart-warming episode about dogs and their long relationship with man.

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