Handle With Care

13 Sign Language programs for Teens
that explore relationships and lifestyles

handlewcare.jpg (6650 bytes)     "HANDLE WITH CARE" is an open and articulate series that captures the interest of today's adolescents and teen-agers as it explores their universal problems - such as puberty, venereal disease, drugs, lifestyles and relationships.
     The discussions are vital to helping adolescents and teen-agers make it through this frequently puzzling, and always difficult, time of their lives.
     Adults and young people alike learn from deaf actors Julianne Gold and Kevin Mills, who are joined by health instructor Amy Reichbach, in dealing with these matters in an honest and forthright manner. The language is frank. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.


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Here is a list of the 13 titles included in "Handle With Care"


Male Puberty: an open and honest examination of the emotional and physical effects of puberty in young men. The myths and mysteries are uncovered and explanations given.

Female Puberty: an open and honest examination of the emotional and physical effects of puberty in young women. The myths and mysteries are uncovered and explanations given

Relationships: the importance of building sound relationships and coping with the opposite sex.

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Pregnancy: how a woman becomes pregnant, and a discussion and look at the developmental stages of the human fetus.

Family Planning: an insightful look and discussion about looking and planning ahead for the onset and raising of a family.

Pregnancy Alternatives: this program focuses in a realistic way on the difficult and sensitive topics of abortion and birth control and the emotional effects of pregnancy.

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Using a Clinic: modern society has seen the growth of local health and family planning clinics throughout the country. This episode provides tips on how to use health clinics in time of need.

Sexual Diseases: highlights the cause, effects and problems associated with sexually transmitted diseases.

Parenting: how to be a "good parent" is one of the great mysteries of life. This program discusses some of the basics of how to be a good parent and how to understand your own parents in the process.

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Alternative Lifestyles: a frank and honest look at the homosexual lifestyle and its acceptance in modern society.

Drugs and Alcohol: discusses the alarming increase in substance abuse and its causes.

Rape and Assault: the serious social, emotional and physical effects of rape and assault are presented in a serious and forthright discussion.

Sex Roles & Stereotypes: discussion on sex roles and stereotyping; mental and emotional problems that arise from misunderstandings.

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