13 Sign Language programs about
Dog Obedience Training

     An entertaining and educational series that will provide all the information needed about dog obedience training.
     Deaf actor and host Dean Sheridan will also introduce you to the fascinating world of "Hearing Ear Dogs," and how to train your own pet to be an important companion.
     Add to this tips on proper health care and grooming, heartwarming stories of Man's Best Friend, and you will have all the elements of "Hear Dog."
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Here is a list of the 13 programs included in HEAR DOG:

Dog Selection: meet "Dogs For the Deaf" owner Roy Kabat and gain valuable insight into the selection of healthy dogs from the Humane Society, for training.

Basic Obedience Training: head trainer Doreen James discusses basic obedience training as she begins to work with dogs.

Intermediate Obedience Training: additional obedience training is shown, including information about health and nutrition, training progress, indoor training and home etiquette for your dog.

.for the above three programs, order item HEARDOG-a

Training Progress: indoor training and home etiquette

Beginning Sound Training: door knock and name call

Travelling With Your Dog: travelling tips and a review of Sound Training

.for the above three programs, order item HEARDOG-b

Hearing Ear Dog Training: additional sound training for Hearing Ear Dogs (telephone, oven timer, etc.); helpful hints on bathing your dog

Progress Check: more on hearing ear dogs and sound training (alarm clock)

Sound Training: sound training for fire & smoke alarms and police dogs

.for the above three programs, order item HEARDOG-c

Hearing Ear Dogs & Deaf Mothers: how these dogs help mothers care for their children. Animal bite procedures and more grooming tips.

A Dog's Protective Nature: watchdog training

Final Exam: the Hearing Ear Dog graduation and sound training review, plus a look at animal emergencies

Retrospective: a further look at the "Dogs for the Deaf" training center and the training of "hearing dogs."

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The HEAR DOG videos may be ordered individually for $39.95 each

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