Thirteen Sign Language Fairy Tale programs
for children: all with open captions & sound

festival.jpg (7330 bytes)     Festival 1 is a bright and wonderful half-hour series celebrating visual arts for the deaf, hearing-impaired and hearing children of all ages performed in Sign Language, full sound and with "open" captions requiring no decoding device. The 13 segments have been compiled onto a 3-DVD set of over 6 hours of viewing time.
     Each entertaining half hour is a compilation of vignettes involving pantomime, signed puns, visual story-telling and arts & crafts.
     Deaf actress Freda Norman serves as hostess and takes children through the various attractions including a mime who humorously depicts the subtle yet amusing aspects of life.


Here is a list of the 13 titles included in The Festival 1a, 1b, 1c DVDs, as told by Freda Norman:


Jack and the Beanstalk
Sleeping Beauty
Little Red Riding Hood

.for these four programs, order item FEST1-a ...$34.95

Beauty & the Beast
Hansel & Gretel
The Elves & the Shoemaker
Dancing Princess

.for these four programs, order item FEST1-b ...$34.95

Puss 'N Boots
Tin Soldier
The Emperor's New Clothes
The Princess & the Pea

.for these four programs, order item FEST1-c ...$34.95

Also, deaf and hearing-impaired children share the unique perspective of their experience with a hearing loss. Poignant, fast-paced, funny, innovative and informative - that is Festival 1. Featured are Ed Waterstreet, Gregory Koppel, Julianne Gold and Robert Daniels. Each of the 13 Episodes of Festival 1 contains a "Tall Tales" segment for the children.


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